Travel Highlights of 2017

I feel fortunate to have experienced some incredible things this year. And in the spirit of giving my future self something to look back on, I’ve created a quick and dirty top-ten list of the past year — aka, my Travel Highlights of 2017! They’re listed in no particular order, except that I saved my most-fave for last.

10. Suspended over Reutte, Austria

Just south of the border from Bavaria in the tiny town of Reutte, Austria, is Highline 179. Connecting two castles, it’s a suspension bridge that is simultaneously terrific and terrifying!

I walked Highline 179 this summer and temporarily regretted the decision two-thirds through. But I survived the crossing — twice! — and am alive to tell the tale. Watch a time-lapse video of the adrenaline-pumping walk (above) in less than 45 seconds! Continue reading “Travel Highlights of 2017”