Travel Highlights of 2017

I feel fortunate to have experienced some incredible things this year. And in the spirit of giving my future self something to look back on, I’ve created a quick and dirty top-ten list of the past year — aka, my Travel Highlights of 2017! They’re listed in no particular order, except that I saved my most-fave for last.

10. Suspended over Reutte, Austria

Just south of the border from Bavaria in the tiny town of Reutte, Austria, is Highline 179. Connecting two castles, it’s a suspension bridge that is simultaneously terrific and terrifying!

I walked Highline 179 this summer and temporarily regretted the decision two-thirds through. But I survived the crossing — twice! — and am alive to tell the tale. Watch a time-lapse video of the adrenaline-pumping walk (above) in less than 45 seconds! Continue reading “Travel Highlights of 2017”

Prrrrrty Cats Around the World

So, the title’s a wee misleading. In a post called “Prrrrrty Cats Around the World,” you’d expect to see cats from at least six out of seven continents. (I’m pretty sure Antarctica doesn’t have cats, you guys — but lemme know if I’m wrong!) Instead, this should be called: “A Selection of Cats from Ten Countries on Four Continents in the Northern Hemisphere.”

But “Prrrrrty Cats Around the World” sounds better and is more succinct, don’t you think?

Roman cat
Disapproving side-eye glance from Roman cat

Yeah, I thought so too. 

Prrrrrty Cats Around the World

The sole purpose of this post is to share some cool encounters of the cat kind from three-or-so years of travels, where I’ve crossed paths with captivating kitties from Paris to Tangier, from Greek Isles to British Isles, from Switzerland to Seattle — and more!

Athenian cat
Athenian cat is not Siamese if you please.

Hope you’ll enjoy. And don’t forget! Every time you share this post with your cat-loving friends, a kitty gets its wings! Meow!

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