Spotlight Traveler

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

Welcome to my new Spotlight Traveler series, where I’ve been collaborating with a select number of travelers and travel bloggers. To what purpose? — you might be asking.

Well, people have such fascinating stories to tell! So I wanted to create a space to share those stories. Right here is where I’ll be shining the limelight on travelers whose tales I find interesting, inspiring, noteworthy or downright delicious in some way or other.

And, if you’d like to put forward a traveler who has a story worth telling, you’re in luck! I’m taking suggestions for Spotlight Traveler features on my Instagram accountRecommend a friend, a foe, or even yourself! Simply follow and tag Postcards from Stef using the #spotlighttraveler hashtag to suggest a feature. Please also include a short description of the story idea, and I’ll direct message you to follow up! 

Also, I’ve just published the very first edition of the Spotlight Traveler series, which delves into the life of a digital nomad who’s known by his followers as @beatthegrind! Read on to find out how he goes about escaping his comfort-zone doldrums.

Thank you for stopping by! For reading and for participating! Be sure to follow Postcards from Stef so as not to miss the next feature story!