Meet Miss Filatelista: Writer, Traveler & Women’s Empowerment Advocate

For this installment of Spotlight Traveler, I’d like to introduce you to Lola Méndez. The more I learn about her, the more impressed I am by what Lola’s accomplished in her short time on the planet. Yes, she’s a world traveler who’s visited fifty-plus countries. But that’s not all. Lola is an advocate for global gender equality. She works hard in the realm of ethical travel and promotes experiences that benefit local communities. Plus she documents it all so beautifully on her blog: Miss Filatelista. (We’ll get to the meaning behind the blog name later.) And since she’s the best narrator of her own story, let’s get on with it! Please meet Miss Filatelista: Writer, Traveler & Women’s Empowerment Advocate.

Lola Mendez -- aka, Miss Filatelista -- in Jodhpur, India
Lola Mendez — aka Miss Filatelista — in Jodhpur, India

How long have you been traveling?

I’ve actually been traveling my whole life. My first trips were across the border to Mexico as my mother loved to go shopping for fresh produce in Tijuana instead of at home in San Diego, California. When I was three I made my first trip over the equator when we moved to Uruguay, my father’s homeland.

Growing up in an international Uruguayan-American family exposed me to travel at a young age and resulted in my compulsive sense of wanderlust which has percolated throughout my life. These experiences made me fearless and curious. I didn’t hesitate to move from Kansas City, where I grew up, to Los Angeles alone at age 17. I had never been to New York City but I moved there alone at 19 and when I was 25 I resigned from a life and career I loved in NYC to head out to explore the world. Continue reading “Meet Miss Filatelista: Writer, Traveler & Women’s Empowerment Advocate”