Prrrrrty Cats Around the World

So, the title’s a wee misleading. In a post called “Prrrrrty Cats Around the World,” you’d expect to see cats from at least six out of seven continents. (I’m pretty sure Antarctica doesn’t have cats, you guys — but lemme know if I’m wrong!) Instead, this should be called: “A Selection of Cats from Ten Countries on Four Continents in the Northern Hemisphere.”

But “Prrrrrty Cats Around the World” sounds better and is more succinct, don’t you think?

Roman cat
Disapproving side-eye glance from Roman cat

Yeah, I thought so too. 

Prrrrrty Cats Around the World

The sole purpose of this post is to share some cool encounters of the cat kind from three-or-so years of travels, where I’ve crossed paths with captivating kitties from Paris to Tangier, from Greek Isles to British Isles, from Switzerland to Seattle — and more!

Athenian cat
Athenian cat is not Siamese if you please.

Hope you’ll enjoy. And don’t forget! Every time you share this post with your cat-loving friends, a kitty gets its wings! Meow!

Austrian Cat

I made this cat’s acquaintance in heavenly Hallstatt. When I spotted the orange-and-white furball, I couldn’t help but follow that feline ’round its storybook town.

Austrian Cat

Then I gave myself a stern talking-to like: “Stop paparazzi-stalking cats, ya weirdo!” Hence I went back to being normal again, for a short while anyway.

Hallstatt Cat
But first I got this pic!

British Cats

These simply must be the poshest cats ever, dahling! They reside on Vicar’s Close in Wells, England.

English Cat

Vicar’s Close is the oldest continuously occupied complete street in Europe (since 1348)! The cats aren’t that old though.

British Cat
Living the life of leisure in a leisure catsuit in Wells England
Cat in Wells, England
A cat crossing the symmetrical residential street of Vicar’s Close

French Cat

I spotted this pretty puss at a French café. He’s just enjoying the sunshine, watching the world go by, and chilling with a potted plant. As one does. 

Parisian Cat
Prrrrrty Parisian Cat just wants to sit in a café, people-watching all day.
I can relate.

Un café au lait, s’il vous plaît! But — please! — hold the coffee.

Greek Cats

If you’re not used to seeing hordes of homeless cats and canines, the number of strays in Greece might shock you. When you walk around Athens, for example, you’ll notice heaps just chillin’ in the streets.

Athens Cat
Athenian cat, plotting to destroy the world, one tourist at a time — that’s all!
Click page two for more cats! 😻

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25 thoughts on “Prrrrrty Cats Around the World”

  1. Goodness! This is too adorable. I remember being deployed to Cyprus (Air Force) and seeing all the cats roaming the streets there. No one seemed to mind! I made a few friends near where we were stationed… it was nice to have the companionship 🙂 Thanks for the post – Toki

    1. Thanks, Toki! I’ve never been to Cyprus! Would like to check it out sometime! And meet some of their kitties! 🙂

  2. I have to admit I’m not a cat person at all (but I love dogs), but I’m sure for anybody who’s into cat’s they would love this post – Actually there is a couple of people I know that love cats, I’m passing this post onto them, I know it will make them feel quite fuzzy haha. I do love your comment about giving yourself a talking to “Stop paparazzi-stalking cats, ya weirdo!” – Not with cats but I would be the same with things I love haha
    amit recently posted…Solo traveling during ChristmasMy Profile

    1. Haha, your comment brought a smile to my face! And maybe you’ll become a cat person one day! 🙂 But don’t worry, I’ll understand if you don’t. Thank you for sharing the post with your cat-loving friends! I hope it gives them warm and fuzzy feelings! 🙂 🙂

  3. I am a cat person, always loved them. These photos are stunning by the way, that first photo with the blue walls is my favorite. I saved this to my StumbleUpon, hopefully many others can enjoy the photos as well.

  4. I’ve got a couple of friends who will love seeing your piccies. I remember how many stray cats there were in both Greece and Spain, I still can remember asking my mum if I could rescue them!!!

  5. Oh I love Austrian Cat the best! But I do love the backdrop of symmetrical residential street of Vicar’s Close Cat 😂😍 Such a cool idea to document these from your trips around the world!

    1. What about the Istanbul, Moroccan, and California cats?! 😊😻😺 Thanks for stopping by, Hannah!

  6. There’s a Facebook group for the Cats of Reykjavik, Iceland! Tons of cats walk the streets there, but none are strays – they are just let out by their owners to greet the tourists. I managed to meet this little guy ( begging to come inside during a snowstorm in February 2015. Two years later, I visited Iceland again and guess who I run into ( A little worse for the wear, looks to have had a recent surgery and a bit of a haircut, but still begging at the same red door.

    1. Hi Colin! 🙂 Wow, that is so neat to hear! Now I’ve got to go to Iceland to check out the cats! And what are the chances you’d run into the same cat twice! What a cutie! (Although the haircut is a little unfortunate in the second pic! Lol)

    2. I take cat pics every where I go! I wish I could post some of them here. Have great pics from Italy, Switzerland, Iceland, Scotland, just to name a few! Thank you for sharing!

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed with taking cat pics! Looks like I’m in good company! Thanks for stopping by, Brenda! 🙂 🙂

  7. Hello Stephanie,

    I Have forwarded this post to a bunch of the cat lovers here at Mud Bay and I am sure this will be a tremendously big hit with everyone. Great post per usual!!😻😻😻😻

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