The Shitholiest Places to Visit in 2018

Woman in Turkey -- Bosphoros Black Sea

So far I have no travels planned for 2018, which makes me super antsy! I know I’ll be traveling to Europe for work, but I haven’t received my tour assignments yet. Thus, I’ve got some seriously itchy feet. This lack of concrete travel plans got me thinking — what shithole places should I visit in 2018?

The Shitholier, The Better!

My motto has always been, the shitholier, the better! So when I think of how many shithole places I haven’t visited yet, it just makes me want to cry! Like, I need to get out of the shit, and into a shithole, ASAP! Can you guys help me figure out what shithole destinations I should visit in 2018?

Here’s what I’ve been thinking. I follow some fierce ladies on Instagram. Some of the shitholiest are @haitiancutiebea, @1stclassfrance, and @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch. Like — GAWD! — the crapfactor is real! 


As her IG name suggests, @haitiancutiebea is a cutie made in the third-largest Caribbean country of Haiti on the island of Hispaniola. She lives in New York these days, but spends time visiting all kinds of shithole destinations. Just have a look at some of her shitty pics!

Here she is in Egypt, a country on that shitholiest of continents, Africa!

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Here she is in Petra, Jordon, in that shitholy region: the Middle East! 

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And here she is chilling in her home-country of Haiti. It looks just God-awful, doesn’t it?

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Next I’d like to tell you about @1stclassfrance. She’s from Haiti too! And what I love about her, is that she keeps things real and is all about educating people on topics that are important to her.

Exhibit A, for Accountability

On January 12, 2010, in a matter of seconds, 220,000 people in Haiti died in a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. In September 2017, 155 people died in a matter of seconds in Mexico in a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The days after the earthquake in Haiti were some of the hardest days in our collective history- phones down📞, no information on family, and constant images of death and destruction on television.

I remember being glued to @CNN, watching to see if they would pull someone I know out of the rubble even as the images began taking a psychological toll on me. However, there was a glimmer of hope that took me and many others back to #Haiti- “build back better” was the new slogan. Mexico had the infrastructure to withstand an earthquake of that magnitude and we had hoped that Haiti would be able to rebuild in a way that better prepared it for the (un)natural disasters that have become more frequent and more powerful with the double catastrophes of #climatechange and political turmoil in the USA.

Instead, what happened was that $13.5 BILLION💰 in donations and pledges was squandered without much more to show for it than a new Marriot for aid workers to stay in that costs more per night than the average Haitian makes and cholera from the #UN. Less than a PENNY of every dollar went directly to a Haitian organization or the gov.


So, there is a philosophical question that needs to be asked: What makes a country a #shithole?🤔🤔🤔 Is it how many resources countries like yours were able to extract from it to establish your riches? Is it the hidden scars we bare after withstanding continuous devastation and injustice? Is it who deems us worthy of living amongst them to gain access to food, education, and shelter?

Or is it how much your rich, white cronies made off of 220,000 dead black bodies buried underneath rubble? #questionsthatneedanswers #wokearoundtheworld #tps #daca #haitiearthquake

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Exhibit B, for an Ongoing Beef

I have an ongoing beef with the @nytimes and a few other publications because of the overly simplistic narrative and poverty porn they try to pass off as journalism when it comes to Haiti. I’ve often read their articles about Haiti in confusion and at times in amusement because they are so removed from reality and read like a chapter of Heart of Darkness. Now, once I see the line “poorest country in the Western Hemisphere” in any article, I stop reading because it tells me that this is a journalist that has nothing new to contribute on Haiti and has probably never been. 👋


Poverty is multi-layered- it can’t be explained away in a single sentence. When I went to Cuba and DR, it began to click for me the critical point in which Haiti diverged from its neighbors. Like Haiti, both Cuba and the DR had dictators, periods of bloody civil unrest, and still have visible inequality, yet there is 1 unique distinction: With all their many faults, those dictators invested in social services like public schools and public hospitals, and infrastructure like roads, airports, and bridges to directly benefit the people.


Haiti didn’t do this, deepening the inequality in Haiti so that your access to basic social services like quality education and healthcare (almost completely private services in Haiti) and your ability to get to either one depends on 💰💰- nothing else. Haiti has lost generations of scientists, engineers, artists, and composers to lack of access and inequality- they never stood a chance. #wokearoundtheworld

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And then there’s Kiona, aka @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch. You may remember her from the Spotlight Traveler feature-interview I published last October, where she told us about the shithole destinations she’s been to and divulged exactly how she hustles for travel. Kiona’s a pretty outspoken lady.

See for yourself:

More Shitworthy Places

So, I’ve been mentioning Haiti a lot, because it’s a shitworthy place I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting myself yet. I really want to go to Haiti! But I know there are many more shit destinations out there that also deserve a mention. Let me briefly highlight a few I have visited.

Firstly, here’s another pic from that shitholiest continent of Africa. Specifically, from Morocco:

Morocco’s a place that is near and dear to me, because of a personal quest that lead me to land in Fez a little over a year ago. I laughed. I cried. And I can’t wait to return.

Enjoying another shithole destination, here I am drinking a shit-colored Turkish coffee in Istanbul:

And here’s a throwback to my time in Mumbai, another shitholier-than-thou destination:

But I’m missing so many places! What about El Salvador, for example? I’ve never been, but it looks like one hell of a shithole I need to get to fast! Should I go to El Salvador in 2018? Or maybe I should go to Puerto Rico? I’ve been to San Juan many years ago (which I loved), but it looks like Puerto Rico has a lot more shitholiness worth exploring, if you ask me!

So for the love of shit, let a girl know! What are the shitholiest destinations you’ve visited? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section! And remember, the shitholier, the better!

If you, too, love a good shithole, be sure to share this on Facebook! Also, check out my recent interview with Lola Méndez of @misfilatelista, where she goes on and on about one shithole place after another.

20 thoughts on “The Shitholiest Places to Visit in 2018”

    1. Thanks so much, Agness! I love following along on other people’s journeys, and I found these ladies to be inspiring!

  1. Haha. Wow. Certainly not what I expected stumbling upon reading today, and a refreshing change to the ever so similar general travel guides these days. Haiti is in fact not on my immediate list (currently living in the Middle East, it’s goddamn awful), but well, who knows where we’ll end up next. I love this feeling of, I have absolutely no clue how my year will go. So thanks for a few new inspirations to follow along 😉
    Christina recently posted…What Does Home Mean When You Travel Long-Term?My Profile

    1. Hi Christina! Yeah, I couldn’t help but write this satirical piece in response to the latest news out of the US. I feel pretty strongly about what a beautiful world we share and how we’re all in this together! I hope you’re enjoying your experiences in the Middle East, and I totally agree — it’s an exciting feeling not knowing what’s around the bend! Happy travels! 🙂

  2. Ha! My personal distaste for profanity is completely overwhelmed and wonderfully overpowered by the purity of your words and the most excellent message you offer, Stefanie. Thank you very much for elevating this stinky and offensive interlude all of us have been forced to withstand, courtesy of our most foul Racist-in-Chief.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Theresa! I’m glad you appreciated the discerning use of profanity in this post! 😉 😉 🙂

  3. I haven’t been to Haiti but it’s surely a very beautiful shithole. And the local instagramers have been doing a great job showing this! I might have not gone to Haiti but I have been to a country on the shithoest list this year, which is EL Salvador. And guess what? I was stunned by how beautiful it is and how kind the people are there. I wish my trip in this central American country would have been much longer as I felt so welcomed and taken care of by the locals. Who does trump think he is to categorise countries though?

    1. Hi Joanna! I would love to go to El Salvador one day! I’m glad to hear you had a beautiful experience there! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I like your approach to this blog post! These are some cool instagrammers with some awesome content! Places like Mumbai and Egypt are definitely on my travel list for 2018! Thanks for inspiring!

  5. I agree, the shitholier the better. LOL. Haven’t been to Egypt but it’s at the top of my list. Petra yes, and I loved it. Haiti, yes yes yes! What incredible pictures of amazing women, I’m going to follow them on Instagram right now!

    1. Thanks, Medha! Yes, I think they are all worth following! 🙂 I can’t wait to go to Petra and Haiti myself! And I’d love to return to explore more of what Egypt has to offer! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Haha I love the sarcastic undertone that you have going on in this post. I would love to visit Haiti and want to visit it even more now. I love all of these travel IG accounts that you shared too. They only fuel my desire to travel even more! I could live vicariously through them too!

    1. Hi Abigail! Yes, when I’m not traveling I appreciate following along with other Grammers to see what adventures they’re on! The travel inspiration is endless, and when someone combines that with meaningful content through a story or thoughtful comment — even better! 🙂

  7. Yep I also love shithole countries. Having lived in some of those so called ‘shitholes’ I can only comment on their beauty. Has a certain president actually been to Botswana or South Africa or Egypt or any of the other wonderful countries he writes off. Nope i guess not. His loss not theirs!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! I’m glad to hear you’ve had beautiful experiences living in “shithole” countries! There really is so much to appreciate, learn, and admire out in the world we all share! <3 🙂

  8. Haha, shitholier sounds quirky. I have been to Petra. Though I loved it I found it a bit over rated. I can’t wait to visit Egypt though. It is my childhood dream to see those pyramids for myself. Haiti looks like an offbeat destination.

  9. Haha, so many beautiful shitholes 😉
    I like how you make fun of that and indeed this is a beautiful collection of so many amazing places.
    Also some really good inspirations, especially Haiti looks to me absolutely cool. Next we will see some places in Asia, might be not that “shitholy”but who knows, maybe the list will be expanded?

  10. I agree with 1stclassfrance, the nytimes can be so out of touch with reality, I’m sometimes appalled about the things they write or videos they create! On another note, I love her photos, would love to visit Petra one day. Don’t think I’ve visited any crappy places though!

    1. I Love @1stclassfrance’s pictures too, and I’m grateful that she always gives more to think about on so many topics she writes on. @hatiancutiebea’s Petra pic (and other pics) are gorgeous too! I really would love to visit Petra someday. And, just to be clear, NONE of these destinations are crappy! It’s just a tongue-in-cheek attempt at pointing out how — despite what the current President of the United States might say — these places are not shitholes!!! 🙂

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