The Shitholiest Places to Visit in 2018

So far I have no travels planned for 2018, which makes me super antsy! I know I’ll be traveling to Europe for work, but I haven’t received my tour assignments yet. Thus, I’ve got some seriously itchy feet. This lack of concrete travel plans got me thinking — what shithole places should I visit in 2018?

The Shitholier, The Better!

My motto has always been, the shitholier, the better! So when I think of how many shithole places I haven’t visited yet, it just makes me want to cry! Like, I need to get out of the shit, and into a shithole, ASAP! Can you guys help me figure out what shithole destinations I should visit in 2018?

Here’s what I’ve been thinking. I follow some fierce ladies on Instagram. Some of the shitholiest are @haitiancutiebea, @1stclassfrance, and @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch. Like — GAWD! — the crapfactor is real!  Continue reading “The Shitholiest Places to Visit in 2018”